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About us

Established based on IWASAKI DESIGN STUDIO in 2019. A project that explores the possibilities of diverse creations with product design at its core.



Ichiro Iwasaki

Kei Izumi

Yusuke Kawai

Takuro Sanda

Yuta Watanabe


Crayon World
House with a crayon roof
Black Phone 2020
The modern black phone
Fire striker
Tool for building a fire
Nuts cracker
Additions of a nut cracker
Fiber mobile
An optical fiber mobile
Frozen spin
A spin frozen in time
Tram Bench
Connecting benches
Display Lamp
Two lights as one
Imagination 01
Form Stretch 01 : Camera
Coat hunger
A coat hunger made with lines and pulleys
Sculpture of light
Oil Lamp
Oil lamps as blocks

External support

Hiroshi Iwasaki
Hikari Ichikawa
Yasuha Okude
Web engineer
Gak Sato
Sound design
Kousaku Haruguchi
Creative Translation